It was intentional that we would begin the episode with the loss of one Stark sword and what Tywin thinks is the death of the Stark line and legacy and end it with finding another Stark sword and kind of implied rebirth of that Stark ability to act in the world through Arya. - D.B. Weiss [x]

It’s perfectly obvious where the missing pages are. He’s given them to Marcus Brody.

what is eating at your soul?

#down the rabbit hole

#down the rabbit hole

Everything here… is so full of life. Every tree, every leaf… ..every insect. It’s as if the world is vibrating. As if everything is much more than itself.

Welcome to Fringe [1/~]

well, put some skates on. be your own hero.

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 Vikings Scenery | Blood Eagle

My great bear, Dany thought. I am his queen, but I will always be his cub as well, and he will always guard me.